Knife Sharpening:

  • Keep knives sharp with a stone or grinder, and hone it with a ceramic steel

Some good knife options:

  • 8 – 10 inch chef’s blade (multi use)
  • Butchers knife (for cutting meat)
  • Stiff boning knife (flexible for cutting near bone)
  • Slicer (nice to have)

Cutting through the bone:

  • If bone in ribeye has a chine bone, ask your butcher to remove it
  • If Chine bone is still intact, you’ll need a saw to cut through it
  • If it’s really just the round bones, you can dig them out with a stiff boning knife

What about Electric Knives?

  • Same effort found with electric knife and regular knife
  • Electric knives can tear the meat up a bit when cutting