Anyone who’s ever ordered a steak at a fine restaurant or steakhouse knows all too well, that there’s just something about it that is beyond compare.  The unmatched flavor and soft, tender texture is something that, until now, has been available only to those with the time and resources to dine in style on a regular basis. 

But what if there was a way to enjoy steakhouse-quality cuts of meat at home, whenever the desire struck?  It was this very question that led to the development of the SteakAger.

The Secret Behind The Best Steaks You’ve Ever Tasted   

One of the most universal myths about steakhouse steaks, is that the unique flavor and truly novel textures come from some special grade of meat that the public doesn’t have access to.  It doesn’t. The secret to great steak is dry aging; a process that utilizes the preservation properties of refrigeration in combination with consistent air circulation, to unleash each cut’s full spectrum of natural flavors.  

Steakhouses have known about this for decades, and it’s one of the many reasons why people simply give up when trying to duplicate it at home.  SteakAger changes everything.  Now you can enjoy the superior taste of dry-aged beef in your home, at a fraction of what you’d pay to feed the family in style at a four or five-star restaurant.

  • Designed and developed to let anyone dry-age steaks at home
  • 4 Innovative models available to meet your specific steak aging needs
  • Choose from a wide array of designs, capacities and refrigeration options
  • Advanced technology protects your meat while dry-aging it to perfection
  • Capacities range from 12-14 lbs. all the way up to the PRO Series 40 lb. capacity
  • Features WiFi connectivity, UVC Light Technology, LED accents and more!

Experience Restaurant-quality Steaks, Aged Perfectly in Your Home

Enjoying steak the way it was meant to be enjoyed shouldn’t come with the caveat of spending hundreds at your favorite restaurant.  With SteakAger, you’ll enjoy the freedom, convenience and substantial savings of dry-aging beef at home.  

Visit our Products page to find the unit that best addresses your needs and usage, or get in touch with us through our contact page for answers to more detailed or specific inquiries.   

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