How The SteakAger Works

Our dry aging smart-box is made of high density food grade cutting board material and food grade stainless steel.  It sits right on your fridge shelf and is powered by a tiny 12 volt DC power pack you plug into a wall outlet through the hinged side of your fridge door.  It duplicates the environment of the walk in dry aging fridges in the great steakhouses.

We gave it 2 circulating fans for the drying process, a Himalayan Salt Satchel to add flavor and aid in drying. We put in a germicidal UVC lamp for safety that kills any and all bacteria, a humidistat and exhaust fan to control humidity and an activated carbon filter, so there is zero smell inside the fridge.

Then we added a controller and proprietary software to perfectly control the Dry Aging environment.

  1. Wire racks, for holding the whole cuts of beef for aging
  2. Air circulation fans, for proper dry aging of the beef
  3. Humidity controlled air explosion fan, to remove moist air from the chamber as the beef ages, for perfect humidity
  4. UVC germicidal light, to continually cleanse the air of microbes during the dry aging process
  5. A wifi chipset which  displays the temperature, relative humidity, and days in the dry aging chamber on any wifi enabled device
  6. Electronics control panel, it houses the chipset used to control the dry aging process

All you have to do is place a cut of beef in the box (preferably 10lb or bigger), slide The SteakAger into the fridge, plug it into a wall outlet and wait. That’s it, it’s really that simple. Age your beef for a minimum of 14 days to however adventurous you are.

We set out to create a very affordable way for people to dry age beef right in their home fridge. You will be able to replicate the awesome steaks you would get at a high end steakhouse.

An Amazing Process

The process that goes on inside The SteakAger is truly amazing. The connective tissue breaks down creating tenderness. The enzymes react with the proteins and start to create flavor profiles that then get concentrated as the water is driven out. The end result is the best steak you have ever eaten right from your own fridge.

Beef Dry Aging Box | Steak Dry-Aging Equipment | Dry Aged Beef Refrigerator
  • NY Strip
  • Tenderlion
  • T-Bone
  • Ribeye
  • Sirlion Tip