It’s funny how grilling season has a way of sneaking up on us, but the warm weather will be here before most even realize it.  If you’re the type who appreciates the taste and texture of a well-aged steak, this is the time to start aging your cuts to ensure absolute perfection once the temperature rises.  When it comes to aging steak at home, real aficionados continue to trust the reliability, results and performance of The SteakAger line of home dry-aging products.  With several models available in various sizes and capacities, The SteakAger is the perfect solution when it comes to enjoying fine restaurant-quality steaks at home… at a fraction of the cost of going out.  

Whether you’re a hard-core steak enthusiasts or simply looking to take your summer grilling to new levels of flavor, The SteakAger is the easiest and most cost-effective way to age steaks at home to total perfection. Here are just a few reasons to make it a part of your culinary rotation.     

  • One of the most effortless ways to enjoy fine steakhouse quality cuts at home
  • Choose from a variety of models based on your needs and storage preferences
  • Innovative technology such as UVC lighting, WiFi connectivity and LED illumination
  • Units available in both standalone design or in-fridge to accommodate any setting
  • Age anywhere from 12 to 40 pounds of beef at home, perfect for groups of all sizes

To learn more about The SteakAger and why it’s hands-down the best choice for dry-aging beef at home, browse our products page to explore and compare each unit side-by-side. The entire line features superior manufacturing, innovative features and clean, modern designs that integrate easily into any kitchen or prep area.  Order The SteakAger online with confidence or get in touch with our support staff for more technical inquiries.