Anyone who genuinely appreciates the unmatched flavor, texture and tenderness of dry-aged beef will tell you that once you’ve experienced it, there’s simply no going back to conventional preparation methods and store-bought steaks.  Dry-aging has long remained a secret among some of the world’s most esteemed steakhouses and fine restaurants.  Advances in beef dry-aging technology, however, now make it possible for steak enthusiasts to enjoy superior quality cuts right in the convenience of their own home. 

Of course, those new to the concept of dry-aged steaks often don’t know where to start, which unit to choose or what to expect on their first attempt.  In this article, we’ll examine some of the most common applications to help those new to beef dry-aging find the unit that’s best for their needs, budget and space requirements.

Individuals, Couples and Households with Limited Space

If you’re new to dry-aging beef at home, one of the first things to consider is how many people you’ll be feeding.  In cases of smaller households or those pressed for space, there are several options that should work perfectly.  If you have a secondary refrigerator or dedicated beer fridge with free space available, the SteakAger Original is a great choice.  It is designed to fit nicely in most refrigerators and has enough room to dry-age a 12-14 pound cut of beef.  For those without room in the fridge to spare, the PRO 20 SteakAger is a standalone, refrigerated unit that holds a comparable volume and can be set on the countertop on anywhere in the kitchen.

Dry-aging Beef at Home for Families and Small Groups 

A number of configurations will work for those dry-aging enough beef to feed your family or small to medium sized group.  The SteakAger PRO 20 is a self-contained refrigerated unit that can hold an impressive 25-30 pounds of beef, or two full subprimals.  Like the Master 15, it sits directly on the countertop and requires no assembly.  If counter space is tight or you’re simply not keen on the idea of having things out in the open, there’s always the option of purchasing more than one Original SteakAger.  They can be stacked in larger refrigerators, positioned side-by-side or set up to occupy multiple shelves provided you have room to do so.

Extended Families, Large Groups and High Volume Grilling

Whether you’re the head of a large family, consistently feeding extended groups of friends, or simply the type who believes in going big every time, buying a large capacity beef dry-aging unit offers the most generous amount of space and—as many users have discovered—typically pays for itself after just a few full aging cycles.  The PRO 40 SteakAger is as close to commercial-grade as you’ll find, with ample room for 45-50 pounds of beef (or three 14” subprimal cuts) and some of the most advanced technology available.  You can read more about the entire line of SteakAgers to compare units or learn about each in greater detail.

Start Enjoying Dry-aged Beef at Home Today!

Treating yourself and your loved ones to steakhouse-quality beef no longer has to come at the expense of a pricey dinner out.  The line of SteakAgers offers a solution for households of every size and storage scenario, backed by the legendary quality and craftsmanship that’s made among the most respected names in grilling products and technology.

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