PRO 40 Flex Rack

Now Available for the PRO 40 as an Option or Accessory


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PRO 40 Adjustable Flex Rack

Divide and conquer your PRO 40 with our exclusive Flex Rack that creates storage capacity for beer and wine. 

  • Super-chill beer and beverage storage
  • Wine bottle storage
  • The dry-aging zone of your PRO 40 is ready to hang a full sub-primal anytime!
  • Removable and reversible
  • Black with stainless steel fasteners
  • Small wrench required to tighten 

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This is some pretty groundbreaking dry-age technology here, we know that our fellow grill masters will have some questions. To learn more about the SteakAger or get answers to technical questions, get in touch with our friendly support staff for expert assistance.

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