Like you, we absolutely love a good steak.  The flavor.  The tenderness.  The texture that seems to dissolve in your mouth with every mouthwatering bite.  Until now, the only real way to get that unmistakable steakhouse experience was to shell out big bucks at a fine restaurant.  We knew that there had to be an easier and more cost-effective way to enjoy restaurant-quality steaks at home.  This is when the idea for SteakAger was born.

Made in USA

From its initial concept and design, to its software development and rigorous testing, SteakAger is the result of countless hours of research and development.  The end result is a line of highly-durable steak aging units that allow people from every walk of life to enjoy superior quality dry-aged steaks right in their own home.

Why Choose SteakAger?

  • An easy and affordable way to enjoy delicious, dry-aged steaks at home
  • Advanced technology that protects meat while aging it to perfection
  • Refrigeration by North America's largest specialty appliance manufacturer
  • Choose from 4 different models to accommodate your meat aging needs
  • Built to last with the superior craftsmanship and quality
  • Perfect for first-timers, professionals and backyard BBQ enthusiasts
  • Each unit features a stylish design that integrates perfectly into any setting
  • All units are meticulously designed to be safe, efficient and easily operated

Start Enjoying the Best Steaks You’ve Ever Had… At Home!

Whether you’re new to the concept of dry-aged steaks or a seasoned chef, there’s no arguing the difference in taste, texture and overall enjoyment that comes from a properly-aged cut of meat.  The SteakAger was especially designed for those looking to enjoy steakhouse quality anytime, without the massive tab that comes every time you visit a fine restaurant. 

We invite you to explore our SteakAger Products page to find the model that’s perfect for your needs, or get in touch with a member of our support staff to learn more about how it can change the way you see preparing steaks and choice meats at home.  There’s also a lot of helpful information on our FAQ page; covering everything from operation and assembly to unit dimensions and tips for perfectly-aged steaks.  

Get in Touch

This is some pretty groundbreaking dry-age technology here, we know that our fellow grill masters will have some questions. To learn more about the SteakAger or get answers to technical questions, get in touch with our friendly support staff for expert assistance.

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