Just as no two cuts of beef are exactly alike, nor are the needs of those looking to bring them to dry-aged perfection. With this as our motivation, we went to great lengths in developing and engineering four unique SteakAger units to suit the needs of individuals, couples, and families of all sizes.  Here’s a brief overview of the SteakAger™ line to help you gauge a better idea of which unit is best for your dry-aging applications. 

The Original SteakAger

The SteakAger Original is a compact unit designed to fit comfortably in a larger refrigerator or beer fridge, and features some of the most innovative dry-aging technology available today.  This includes UVC light technology, WiFi connectivity and enough room to age a half subprimal cut of meat. The Original assembles easily and makes a great addition to any large refrigerator or separate beer fridge.

  • External dimensions: 14” x 12” x 8”
  • Dry Aging capacity of up to 12 pounds of beef
  • Ideal for dry-aging NY Strip, Tenderloin, Sirloin, T-bones or Ribeye
  • Uniquely designed to fit inside large and secondary refrigerators
  • Durable 2-piece unit assembles easily in about 15 minutes

SteakAger PRO 20

For those with enhanced steak aging needs as well as users seeking a compact standalone unit, the SteakAger PRO 20 is a wonderful choice. It features a modern design with black accents and smoked glass door, that will blend into any culinary setting. It makes a beautiful addition to any kitchen and is ready to use with no assembly required. 

  • Ideal for dry-aging two large 8-10 inch cuts of beef
  • Up to 20 lbs of dry-aging capacity
  • Compact stand alone counter-top design
  • All black cabinet fits any decor
  • Sleek smoked glass reversible door
  • Quiet 47 dB operation
  • External Dimensions (WXDXH): 17.5" X 20.1" X 20.1" 
  • Volume: 1.8 cubic ft /51 Liter
  • No assembly required, ready to use immediately after set up
  • Designed for the Dry Aged beef enthusiast with all the great features of a PRO 40 in a counter-top Box

SteakAger PRO 40

Painstakingly designed for those who take their passion for steaks and outdoor grilling seriously, the PRO 40 is our largest unit, with up to 40 pounds of dry-aging capacity.  Like the PRO 20, this standalone unit is fully self-contained and features a gorgeous smoked glass reversible door with optional stainless trim .  Inside, there’s enough room to dry-age two full subprimal cuts, perfect for large gatherings, extended families and more.

  • Ideal for hanging 2 full subprimal cuts of beef at anytime
  • Up to 40 lbs of dry-aging capacity
  • All black cabinet fits any decor
  • Smoked glass reversible door with optional stainless steel trim
  • Low energy LED illuminated interior
  • No assembly required
  • Quiet 47 dB operation
  • External Dimensions (WXDXH): 17.5" X 20.1" X 32.7"
  • Volume: 3.3 cu ft /93 liters
  • International market ready with optional global power supply

For more detailed information on which SteakAger is best for your home, be sure to read the FAQ section of our site, as well as the individual product pages to learn more about the capacity and functionality of each unit.

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