About The SteakAger

Bottom line: We Love a Great Steak

The Secret in Great Steakhouses is Dry Aged Beef. There is simply nothing like it. It adds unmatched flavor and tenderness that marinating just can’t touch. The problem is that there has not been an affordable and safe way to do it at home, so we decided to create The SteakAger.

You don’t want to dedicate an entire fridge to aging a piece of beef (way too costly and space consuming), and you surely don’t want a NY Strip hanging out on a plate with all the other stuff in there, so the SteakAger isolates your beef, while aging it safely and perfectly. All you need to do is buy a cut of beef at your local grocery store, load it in The SteakAger, let it age, take it out and enjoy the best steak you have ever eaten

About The SteakAger

The Steakager is something beautiful to put in your fridge to let people create amazing Dry Aged Steaks. We are now shipping SteakAgers.

Some of the cuts used:

  • Ribeye
  • T-Bone
  • NY Strip

You don’t need to find a spot for a whole new fridge, just a spot in the fridge you already own. All the hard work has been done and now you too can enjoy a great dry aged steak right from your fridge.

Thanks to everybody on Kickstarter and those that pre-ordered helping us bring true Dry Aged Beef to the masses the SteakAger will change the way you look at beef from the supermarket.

Our success

We have spent thousands of hours to come up with the SteakAger, from idea origination, to design, software development and rigorous testing.

Now we are in full production so that people all over the world can enjoy a great steakhouse quality steak for a very reasonable price.

About The SteakAger

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We are in full production.